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Assaultive Offenses

Charged With Assault In Brazoria County, TX?

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Brazoria County criminal defense attorneys Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock are on your side if you’re facing prosecution for an assault related criminal offense in Brazoria County, Texas. For over 28 years Texas lawyer Tad Nelson has fought the good fight for his clients, and the same remains true today.

If you were charged with assault, you’ll need professional legal representation to avoid the worst of penalties. Texas legal code is very generous with regard to situations in which assault charges may apply, making the need for an experienced assault defense lawyer of immense importance for defendants.

Understanding Assault Offenses in Texas

In the State of Texas assault may be charged if the defendant knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly caused bodily injury to another person. Even threatening assault justifies criminal charges in the State of Texas.

Assault Can Be Classified as Felony or Misdemeanor

The circumstances of the assault incident will determine the severity of the accompanying criminal charges.

In cases where a weapon was used, or a person who is unable to resist the assault was victimized, such as a child, elderly, or disabled person, felony charges may apply.

In cases where hand to hand combat takes place, unwelcomed physical contact, or in cases of verbal assault, misdemeanor charges may apply.

We’ll Fight The Assault Charge

Brazoria County Assault Charge LawyerEvery single case of assault is different, has its own set of key circumstances, and will, in itself, point us to the best courtroom defense for the situation at hand.

With strategic-minded review of the details, your story, their story, claims of the police, the police report, the construction of the jury (if it comes to that), and the evidence (if any), The Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates will leave no effort free of exhaustion when it comes to fighting for your freedom and exoneration.

If the police arrested you for assault, and you need help fighting prosecution attempts, call our law office immediately so we can get down to the business of the details of your case.

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Brazoria County Lawyers for Assault Cases

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