Other Ramifications of Criminal Convictions

When a person is arrested, charged, and criminally convicted in the court of law, there are number of obvious, and not so obvious, consequences that will follow and plague the defendant for a lifetime (in some cases) as a result the conviction.

Aside from the stress and anxiety caused by pending criminal charges and/or criminal case litigation, if convicted, a number of detrimental & potentially unforeseen experiences await, making it more important than ever to seek legal counsel from a Brazoria criminal lawyer with a number of years of experience successfully defending the accused.


One of the immediate and most destructive results of a criminal conviction is the reality of prison sentencing.

When a man or woman is imprisoned they can suffer psychological damage, physical damage from other inmates, isolation, separation from family, discomfort, and the big one, loss of freedom. Losing your freedom opens the door for a number of other problems which starts with the ultimate destabilization of your life which can result in an untold & unpredictable number of other negative repercussions.

Immediate Financial Costs

If you’re charged with a crime in Brazoria, the first and most immediate cost will be the loss of your freedom during the initial arrest, which will result in a bond amount being issued that must be covered via the Bail Bond process prior to your release from jail. Covering the bond amount is important if you want to get out of jail during the time prior to your day in court.

Depending on the crime which you’ve been accused, and your criminal history, a bail bond amount can range from a few hundred dollars, into the millions. In some cases the Brazoria County judge will not issue a bond. If a loved one of yours is in jail with no bond, attorney Tad A. Nelson may be able to help.

If you’re convicted of a misdemeanor or felony you’ll likely be assessed a monetary fine by the court which may reaching into the 10’s of thousands.

In cases where a person is arrested and their vehicle towed, costs quickly skyrocket long before a criminal defense attorney is retained to represent the defendant. Just think; bail bond, vehicle impound, loss of time from work, late payments on credit accounts if you’ve been in jail for a lengthy period, and this is all before your court date.

Criminal History

The development of a criminal history is one of the longer term negatives associated with a conviction of any type of crime, no matter how minor the offense is perceived to be. Any smart criminal attorney will tell you right off the bat; there’s no such thing as a minor criminal charge.

You’re either a criminal, or not, there is no middle ground, and lots of people in decision make capacity see life through this perspective. With that said, regardless of the criminal charge, it is your right, your obligation, and your prerogative to fight criminal charges hand, tooth, and nail, on the basis of keeping your record clean.

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Employment & Careers

Once a criminal record is generated in your name, your employment and career opportunities are immediately limited to corporations and businesses who are willing to hire persons who have a criminal record following them.

This is a serious consequence which will immediately exclude you for most career opportunities involving law, government, Fortune 500 companies, banking and financial institutions, and careers that involve entering a customer’s home, or access to sensitive data.

A criminal conviction may even get you terminated from your current employer, making a reference for future employment undesirable. In short, a criminal conviction can jeopardize your professional history & future.


A criminal conviction in the court of law will immediately nullify any standing you may have had as an upstanding law-abiding citizen. This can cost the respect of congregation members in halls of worship, a nasty social stigma in which you may even lose the respect/credibility in the eyes of your children, be held in disdain from neighbors, acquaintances, and extended family members.

You’ll also lose the respect of law enforcement; a consequence that may be realized in future dealings with police for any reason in the future.

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Ramifications of Criminal Convictions